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YOU 2.0

Apr 10, 2012
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Really excited about this series!  As if you couldn’t tell….  ;-)

The Making of The RESET Machine

Jan 12, 2012
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This is really cool. It’s 12+ hours of Jackson Price’s Photoshop creation of the RESET machine that was used in the promo for a new series happening at The Orchard compressed into about 4.5 minutes.

Total Reset Promo Project hours: 80

  • 4 hours – Concept/Research
  • 3 hours – Stop-motion photography of the box
  • 4 hours – Searching for images (68 images used – some created, some photographed, some purchased, some free)
  • 12 hours – Photoshop work
  • 58 hours compositing & animating in After Effects


Jan 5, 2012
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Love this trailer that Jackson Price created for The Orchard’s upcoming series, “RESET”.

The Art of Advent

Nov 29, 2011

So excited for our Advent series beginning next weekend (Dec. 3-4).  We’re calling it THE ART OF ADVENT.

Here’s a video that tells more.

Click to see a few other versions of logo we’re using.

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