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Cattle List Is Over

Oct 5, 2007


Catalyst is over.  I’m wiped.  And now I have to write like a DAWG.  So it’s time to crank in my deep purple chair in this suburban Atlanta Starbucks before heading out to catch a late flight back to Chicago. 

Photos coming. 

9 Responses to “Cattle List Is Over”

  1. Rich Butler says:

    It was great hanging out with you. Thanks for taking the time. You going to UnLeash again? If so we’ll catch up then. Thanks man.

  2. Flav says:

    dude, you rock! Thanks for ‘finding’ me. It was so cool to meet you in person. Thanks for the advice and for just being there. more than anything, for your friendship!!!

  3. Todd says:

    Hey man! It was great meeting you today. Since I’m new to the blog, what are you writing?

  4. Amie says:

    Hey Scott!! I heard on the radio that October is national pastor appreciation month…So for all you do.. Thanks.. I don’t think you know how much we ALL appreciate and love you guys!! You are an awesome leader and deserve a nap.. You look tired :)

  5. Eric Barnes says:

    I’m Flav’s co-worker,Thanks for meeting with us briefly today Scott. Maybe we can be a little less surface next time. Thanks for your time and kindness.

  6. I think the Orchard should see me as a missionary in Texas and financially support my ongoing training at Q, Catalyst, Unleash, etc. Gotta keep your missionaries sharp, right? :)

  7. dude, your the best of the best of homeboyz – good hangin’!

  8. Ryan English says:

    Hope you rest up well.
    I just saw your baptism video and fell out of my chair laughing

  9. Los says:

    I stole your cable

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