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Changing The Way I See My Stuff

Sep 24, 2006

This weekend was a blast at The Orchard!  We continued our series entitled, "iSight: Changing The Way I See ___________."   And let me tell you…….we had so much FUN talking about our "stuff" – and specifically the green colored kind – MONEY.  (Insert Apprentice theme song here…

Bling.  Dinero.  The Dollar. 

And I have to say…  It never ceases to amaze me how just taking the time to make a topic creative, fun and relevant to people’s lives makes it so much easier to hit those sometimes challenging topics. 

From a communicator’s standpoint, it seems that the more I address the defenses and thoughts that everyone has when these types of topics are raised, the more people seem to want to hear what I have to say about it. Plus, laughter always softens hearts and opens doors to be able to say some pretty tough things. 

Such a simple talk: It ALL belongs to God.  We are managers, not owners.  We are expected to manage it WELL. 

Some good stuff that all of us need to be reminded of from time to time. 

Let me wrap up this post up by sharing an encouraging email that I received earlier today:

Just got home from church and wanted to tell you OUTSTANDING, I have never heard a sermon on tithing put so perfectly. You really put a new light on it that I have never thought of.  How many of us tithe what is left and put the church and God last. I know I do, or should I say did….  We really enjoy your speaking and teaching and you do have a gift from God for it.. Look forward to a long relationship with you and the Orchard.

And that was just one out of a handful!  Some great fuel for the start of my week…

2 Responses to “Changing The Way I See My Stuff”

  1. Scott, your blog and your ministry along with your team at The Orchard continue to inspire me. I am SO EXCITED that the church is finally being authentic with its people. The realness that you have and others in the church are starting to show is what draws the lost to the cross! Keep up the good work man!!! Give a shout out to your team and of course those girls of yours!!!

  2. Joni Ruhs says:

    Scott, I know I’ve told you this a million times but as a long time follower of Jesus, its been a very long time since I’ve been excited to go to church and to pray and see & hear what God is up to. Since coming to the Orchard, my family is excited about God again–my kids beg to go to church starting about Wednesday. They jump up and down screaming “yaaaay we’re going to church” every Sunday morning-I kid you not. And last week was no exception. I think God has been using $$ to bring us closer to Him lately and as we have stepped out more and more believing Him, He has again been proven worthy of the trust. And then of course I feel bad for doubting in the first place. This iSight series is awesome. You and Ted have a great gift for teaching “the standards” in a fresh new way. God bless!

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