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Chatting With Los In The Sky

Nov 18, 2006

This is so, so, so, so SICK!  (good sick…

I’m chatting w/ Los RIGHT NOW while he and his lovely wife, Heather, are on a flight to Korea to pick up their newly adopted baby boy, Losiah! 

I don’t know what’s cooler…  The fact that they are adopting Losiah or that they have in-flight WiFi on Korean Air!  (Ok, I’ll give that one to Losiah!  No contest…

Here they are in the air right now:


(Don’t worry, it’s not what you think it is….

5 Responses to “Chatting With Los In The Sky”

  1. I just talked to him too… Think its pretty stinking cool… getting the baby… and having flights with wifi… can’t wait till all the airlines do it…

  2. emma says:

    Amazing! To both wifi on planes and the baby!

  3. Matt says:

    Think about this for a moment: At the beginning of our grandparents life, they couldn’t fly across the country, let alone the world; they did not have a television, let alone a computer; and they had a rotary telephone that was difficult to use.
    WOW! WiFi on a flight! That is completely sick! I am sure that the communication tools that we have been blessed with helped in the logistics of adopting that baby boy as well. Congrats to the new family.

  4. Johnny Laird says:

    This is wild. As I said on Los’ Blog, the future is here! :-)

  5. M says:

    i found you because i have an AMAZING toolbar called stumbleupon that sends me to random sites
    and apparently i’m disabled and clicked the wrong comment box. but there is one hit explained.

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