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Chinatown Szechuan

Nov 11, 2005

Being the good husband and father that I am, I took a swing through Chinatown last night and picked up some dinner for the girls.  And myself of course… 

After stopping by BBQ King and finding out that they were out of the BBQ spare ribs, I decided to make a stop by probably the best Szechuan restaurant in the city of Chicago called Lao Sze Chuan where I ordered my favorite Szechuan dish called Chef’s Special Dry Chili Chicken

Take a look at this dish (click for larger image, but BEWARE – you’ll feel the heat just looking at it!):


Isn’t that just absolutely evil?  Oh man.  I’m eating left overs tonight and my mouth is ON FIRE. 

Dry Chili Chicken is made of small bits of chicken lightly dusted with flour and other spices, fresh garlic and ginger slices and then stir fried with a LOT (and I mean A LOT) of red chili peppers.  This one will definately make you slap your grandma!  WOW.

Gotta go…need a drink!

2 Responses to “Chinatown Szechuan”

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks, Scott! You just saved me a ton on my heating bill this winter. When I get cold this winter, instead of turning up the thermostat, I’ll just log onto your blog and look at that plate of Red Chili Chicken. That oughta warm one up sufficiently!
    Got Rolaids? :)

  2. djchuang says:

    wow, that looks good!! kung pao chicken can’t hold a candle to this! :)

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