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Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

Dec 3, 2007
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Every year, one of our highlights at The Orchard, is our Christmas Eve Candlelight services.  This year we are doing three services (3pm, 5pm & 7pm) and preparing to add a fourth if necessary.  They will all be on Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve). 

To help determine whether or not we’ll need to do a fourth, we are doing a free ticketing system that began this past weekend.  I have not yet heard how many tickets we gave out this past weekend, but it sounds like it was a LOT. 

So don’t forget, Orchard Community…if you have not yet picked up your free tickets for Christmas Eve services – be sure to pick them up NEXT WEEKEND at The Orchard!  Or….you can email us your name, how many tickets you need and for what time and we’ll be sure to hook you up!

PS – We will not be having services the weekend of December 22nd & 23rd. 

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