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Christmas Eve Services!

Dec 28, 2007

I’m still jazzed about our Christmas Eve services this past Monday!  Four services…  TONS of people….  And an AWESOME evening of worship, celebration and candlelighting. 

Our creative arts director, Mike Jones, did an outstanding job leading our music, production and art teams.  Every year I wonder how it could ever get any better.  But somehow it does!  Our team was FIRED UP and by the fourth service their energy level and excitement was through the roof!  They could have easily done a fifth one!  Good thing for ’08!  :)  

Because the majority of the night’s "talking" was done via video, it was a little more relaxing for me.  Most of my work was put in beforehand taping, working with video production and the interviews we taped for the services (you’ll see these later…).  Editing 70 minutes of tape down to 3 minutes and still telling a powerful story in that amount of time is not an easy task – especially THESE stories!  Dan Andersen and his editing skills just blow my mind…

And I’ve gotta say…  I am SO GLAD we canceled our weekend services leading up to Christmas Eve.  I can’t imagine trying to do three weekend services and then four separate Christmas Eve services.  The night’s theme was "Colors of a Savior." 

I’ll be posting some of the videos that we did over the next few days.  In the meantime, here are some pics:

(Click for larger images)

Cmaseve3 Cmaseve4
Cmaseve5 Cmaseve6
Cmaseve7 Cmaseve8

2 Responses to “Christmas Eve Services!”

  1. Flav says:

    off da chain pics, scott!

  2. Just wanted you to know that i read your stuff all the time. Keep up the posts. Thanks for sharing the leadership posts a few weeks ago. Have a great New Year.

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