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Coffee & Food Pairing

Apr 28, 2006


The Starbucks I’m at right now just had a coffee tasting/food pairing featuring three coffees from Latin America, East Africa and the Pacific. 

Unfortunately, I was swamped with some deadlines so I was unable to join in on the fun with everyone.  But then suddenly (out of great pity and care, I’m sure…) the store manager showed up at my table with my own personal sampling! 

So here’s what I had along with my reviews:

  1. Latin America – Colombia Narino Supremo – medium bodied, smooth and well-balanced. 

    This was paired with a sample of the pecan torte.  Very nice, but a little bitter…  Overall the mix was really nice.   Perfect blend for an after dinner dessert or mid-afternoon snack or heck…for whenever you darn well feel like it.

  2. East Africa – Ethiopia Sidamo – soft and somewhat lemony. 

    Paired with a sample of chocolate covered cherries.  (ROUND AND JUICY!  LOL!)  This was interesting – almost like eating candy.  The lemony bitterness of the coffee added an extra sweetness to the cherries.

  3. Pacific – Sumatra – full bodied, deep flavor.  (One of my favorites…)

    Paired with – get this…  smoked cheddar!  WOW.  Paired with wine?  Sure…  But with coffee? Surprisingly enough, it was pretty good!  The flavor was unusual and hard to describe – but the sharpness of the cheese added something nice. 

Now I feel…..let’s see…what’s the word?  Coffee cultured?  Anyway – I love this stuff!  Try it sometime!  Stretch thyself…..

5 Responses to “Coffee & Food Pairing”

  1. Kenny says:

    Who are you???

  2. I am concerned about a man who describes himself as too busy to join in the fun yet manages to blog the very details…. :) PS – Have fun in DC. All I’ve got to say is Penn Ave, between 2nd and 3rd SE, BURITTO BROTHERS. You can walk there from Mark’s church/theater/metro stop.

  3. Misty says:

    What starbucks do you go to? The one by the church?
    That’s the one I visit and I couldn’t find those choc. pops when they had them and no fun stuff either – I’ll keep going though – LOVE Starbucks!!!! We just need to get blenders in CG and then I can fix my Starbucks drink – lol.

  4. Tim says:

    Awesome! Coffee-tastings are the best. You have to try Sidamo with anything lemon next time (lemon loaf or lemon bar)… it will rock your world.

  5. LEANN says:

    Try Sulawesi with Extra Butter Popcorn… i know it sounds weird… but it’s REALLY good. I’m training to be a coffee master and just accidently found this crazy combination :)

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