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Combination #3

Nov 18, 2008

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Catalyst One Day is going to be happening this coming Thursday at Granger.  I've made some last minute plans to head over there with this guy.  I have a feeling that it's going to be sort of like drinking from a fire hydrant cranked to full blast!  Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel….  You won't even find that good of a combination at your favorite Chinese restaurant.

But anyway….  Looking forward to seeing all my Granger friends!  Who else is going?

7 Responses to “Combination #3”

  1. I am heading over there with my pastor, Darrin Hughes. Can't wait!

  2. I'm there. As far as Chinese food, I recommended Mandarin House. 10 minutes from GCC by ND. General Taos is killer!

  3. Dana Kidder says:

    it's the only conference I will be able to attend this year, and I am stoked. I just hope it doesn't snow.

  4. Jason says:


    could you post some key findings and "nuggets" from the conference on your blog?? I wanted to go but can't afford all the airfare for one day and there is nothing closer to me driving wise.

    I want to know the truths of momentum and they said they don't have capacity to record it.


  5. Good seeing you. Hope you guys have a next season. Stay strong.

  6. I was there and felt like that fire hydrant had opened. WOW! Don’t know you but would have liked to have met you. Please tell Jason I did post some thoughts from Catalyst here:
    Enjoy reading your blog Scott.

  7. Andy Stanley is like a shot of espresso straight in the arm. One of my favorite teachings from him is staying behind the line – not dancing on it, but way, WAY behind it so that he never gets mixed up in anything that even smells improper. I love that message and it’s followed me often!!!
    For another shot of espresso – please check out !!

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