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Communicating For A Change

Oct 7, 2006
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I finally had a chance yesterday to sit down and read Communicating For A Change by Andy Stanley. 

As most of you know, I have been an Andy Stanley/Northpoint "fan" for the last 7 or 8 years and have always thought that Andy is one of THE BEST communicators in the church world today. 

Informally, I have watched, observed, and paid close attention to how he communicates, but seeing a formal outline and explanation of his study processes and the way in which he thinks through things was SO HELPFUL!

It was also very refreshing to read that Andy struggles and deals with the same weekly pressures, writing funks, challenges, etc… that all of us as communicators tend to struggle with. 

The best part of the book – Andy’s outline that he uses to prepare all of his talks:

ME – WE – GOD – YOU – WE

ME: Finds common ground with your audience.
WE: Pulls everyone into the topic and creates the tension that the audience needs you to resolve.
GOD: Discovers what God has to say about the subject.
YOU: Presents the application – "What do we do with what we’ve heard?"
WE: Paints a verbal picture of what COULD be and SHOULD be. (Vision casting)

What a great outline!  It just makes SENSE, doesn’t it?

If you are a teacher/pastor/communicator at ANY LEVEL, this book is one you NEED to read.  It will deeply challenge you and remind you that LESS IS MORE


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  1. i may have to read that book, im a small group leader for Queens Christian Union, start small group this wednesday and i have to say im pretty nervous about it, i havent read any andy stanley before, but i have heard of him, through 7|22…

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