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Communication Values

May 28, 2005
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Kem Meyer over @ GCC, shared their "All Church Communication Values" in a recent post.  I love how clear and simple it is.  I also love it because defining and publishing your values kick assumptions and ignorance out the door.  It also provides something to fall back on every time a correction or adjustment needs to be made.  Here they are:

Granger Community Church Communication Values May 2005

  • Reinforce that we are a unified church working toward a common vision, not a federation of sub-ministries.
  • Be driven from the outside-in. That is, there will be a heavier emphasis communicating to those in the outside circles (community and crowd), and a progressively lighter emphasis toward those in the inner circles (congregation, committed and core).
  • Focus on the needs of our guests, not the needs of our ministries.
  • We will ask more questions than we answer in communications–allowing people to absorb and seek on their own terms–drawing them into the content we have to offer.
  • Deliver excellence in timeliness, accuracy, design, layout and ease of use.
  • Be simple and clear, eliminating unnecessary fluff or complicated content.
  • Always be in a language, style and method that is visible and understandable to the first-time guest.
  • Not be fair, but instead will be appropriate based on ministry priorities. This means that

One Response to “Communication Values”

  1. Betsy says:

    I really like some of their values. An interesting note that they are focusing on the weekend services, while we have realized that we will be most effective getting new people to come to our small groups (non-church activity which is less threatening) and then having them develop an interest in being a part of our weekend services.

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