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Conversation with Craig Groeschel

Sep 16, 2008
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Craig Groeschel has a new book out called, It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It.    

What is it?  Good question.  ZZ02E57F65

It isn't easy to define, but one thing is certain – everyone knows it when they see it.  From the book:

"When a church has it, everyone can tell.  And when one doesn't….everyone can tell.  The same is true for leaders.  Some leaders have it.  Some don't. 

I promise, if it has come to a ministry near you, people are talking about it.  When a ministry has it, the ground seems to rumble.  Everyone hears about it. 

I believe that God makes it available to anyone who wants it.  I believe it wants to give it to you and your ministry." 

As I mentioned the other day, Craig is doing some blog hopping this week to talk about it, and he's starting RIGHT HERE.  So without further ado….

Hey Craig – thanks for stopping by!  I know I'm only supposed to ask one question, but I have two. 

First, have you ever thought about packaging and selling it to smaller churches?  Or better yet, giving it away FREE on the OPEN site?

(No Answer)

Secondly, do you believe in the doctrine of once it – always it?  If not, what are some shifts, changes, or adjustments you've had to make in your personal leadership over the years to ensure not LOSING it

Do I believe in once-IT, always-IT?  I wish I did.  Some people who are totally surrendered to Christ, get IT and keep IT. Sadly though, many people don’t.  It is very clear that just because you have IT doesn’t mean you’ll keep IT. The good news is, if you don’t have IT you can get IT.

When I first experienced the grace and love of Christ, serving Him was all that mattered. I gladly left a future in the business world for full-time vocational ministry without any hesitations. Oddly though, in the coming years, I let ministry beat IT out of me. Some people were cruel. Some of my ideas bombed. Before long, I found myself caring more about what the people thought about me than what God thought about me. That dangerous shift caused me to lose IT.

You asked how to ensure that a leader doesn’t lose IT. I think the approach would vary from leader to leader. For me, developing relationships with people who not yet believers keeps me passionate to help them know Christ. Seeing God work internationally makes a huge difference. (In my opinion, our American perspective of God is way too small and limited.) I am also totally dependant on time in God’s word. When I neglect His word, I lose IT quickly.

On a side note, it seems that those who are off-the-charts passionate about Christ and His mission often lead fast growing churches. In the rush of growth years, it is easy to neglect the very One who brought all the growth. I am committed to do whatever it takes to keep Christ in the center of all I do.

Thanks for your leadership and awesome ministry!

Thanks Craig!  Appreciate your time.  

Pick up Craig's new book here.

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  1. I just finished reading his book today…great read, and I was extremely challenged by IT as well!

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