Scott Hodge


Countdown to Thailand!

Jan 6, 2007




7 Responses to “Countdown to Thailand!”

  1. Scott,
    Blessings as you prepare for your trip. I’ll be looking forward to following your blog to see how God uses you to minsiter to those in Thailand.

  2. Erika says:

    this REALLY makes me want a mac!

  3. emma says:

    Super fun video! Have a safe trip, looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Bekah says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! Thanks for going over there to “say hi to Thailand for me”! So when will the Thailand 101 start?

  5. Johnny Laird says:

    Thanks for this post, Scott. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Thailand.
    Travel safely
    You may already be aware of this initiative – if not, you might find some useful resources there.
    Peace & Blessings

  6. Larry and Dawn Miller says:

    Safe travels and thank you for sharing the word of God to those who need it the most…our prayers are with you.
    And yes, we will miss you while you are gone, though it will be quiet around the Orchard for once LOL

  7. Misty & Cody says:

    Scott you’ll be in our prayers! Have a safe trip and enjoy your time there. We’re going to be looking on both blogs to see what you’re doing and we’ll be very excited to get you back home and hear about it at the Orchard!!
    You’ll have to do a food clip while you’re there also to let us know what’s good and not.
    Amber’s helped to open us up to many more foods since coming to the Orchard, still no sea food or raw fish but baby steps.

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