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Creative Space

Feb 8, 2006


I love it!

It’s the CreativityLab at Starbucks headquarters in Seattle.  Paul Williams over at Idea Sandbox was the man behind it all.  Paul explains the room:

"…this once drab conference room, filled with corporate-stock chairs and boardroom style table, is now a 336 square foot haven for brainstorming, problem solving and thinking. The room can hold up to 15 people comfortably – and all the ideas anyone can think of."

If you think about it, whether you are in business or church work, your job is probably a lot about creating environments. 

At The Orchard, our passion is to create relevant environments where people can make forward steps on their spiritual journey.  As far as I’m concerned, this applies to EVERY environment at the Orchard – from our conference room to our coffeehouse, all the way to our weekend gathering space. 

In fact, right now we are in the process of moving our "conference room" to a new location in our facility and we’re throwing out the "conference room" feel and making it an environment that encourages creativity and innovative thought.  (…with a few "stolen" no – um, er…borrowed ideas from Paul!)

So what about you?  Are you intentionally pursuing and providing creative environments for your team or organization?  Paul did it for under $4,000 for Starbucks.  Think of what you might be able to do with $500 or $1000?  One word: IKEA.

I’d love to hear about YOUR creative environments!  What have you done with your space to encourage creativity among your team?

More CreativeLab pics here.  Thanks Paul!

6 Responses to “Creative Space”

  1. Kenny says:

    I think the concept of a creativity room is GREAT! Unfortunately, I find this room much more distracting that inspirational. It looks like IKEA threw up. :)

  2. Thansk for the compliment, Scott! I’m proud of the work that was done.
    I can’t argue with ya Kenny… But it’s a challenge to find furniture with clean lines that’s not going to cost an arm and a leg…
    Unfortunately, I find Design Within Reach furniture out of reach… And used yard sale / vintage furniture idea is a way to go… but not ‘clean’ enough for this application…
    However it’s done… The idea is to find a way to get your team away from the everyday… the distractions… the email… phone calls… and focus on solving the real challenges in an inspiring place.
    What’s nice for folks who use the CreativityLab is that they can be in a place that doesn’t feel like they are at the office even though their desk is a 100-feet away.

  3. Add “The Container Store” to the list.

  4. noelle says:

    Those tables ARE from Ikea for sure…we have them in The Garden…our nursery at The Life.
    IKEA spells F-U-N…

  5. David W says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we as adults get inspired and creativity going through the same things that we had as children: Bright colors and non drab materials. I can’t wait to work on my office. =)

  6. michelle says:
    Here are some creative furniture lines that might help create that environment you are searching for. Look at Ekstrum, garden and the Gravity chairs.

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