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Customer Service Cheat Sheet

Feb 17, 2006
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Do you ever get tired of calling customer service centers and getting the runaround or getting stuck trying to weave your way through the computerized phone system before getting to an actualy LIVE person?  Well faint not! 

Paul English is THE MAN and has put together a database featuring shotcuts for almost every major company who has a "customer service" side. 

For example, here’s all I need to do to get through to a human at the following companies:

Best Buy – "00* then press 8"
Chase Auto Loans – Press 1, 2, *0
Fidelity NetBenefits – 1, #################
Macy’s Credit Customer Service – When asked to hear your account information say "No". Then say "More Options" – "Other Options" – "Agent"

Definitely worth a bookmark…!

Link to the Gethuman database.

One Response to “Customer Service Cheat Sheet”

  1. Who is going to put together a list for churches. Have you tried calling any church on a Sunday! The one day that a church is at maximum impact mode and you can’t get anyone on the phone. We had a cell phone for the head usher or greeter and had the main church line forwarded to the cell before and after services on sundays. You would not believe how many calls you can get. Not everyone uses the internet. Just a thought.

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