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Da Vinci Bandwagon

Jun 6, 2006
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About a year and a half ago I read the book that everyone had been talking about – The Da Vinci Code.  To be honest, it sucked me in.  Great book and a very, very intriguing story. 

Immediately after reading it, we (our team) began discussing what great conversation could emerge out of the book, so we decided to dedicate a couple of weeks to discuss it.  And then, shortly after that, it was announced that a major motion picture would be released – which even further made it seem like a good idea to use this book as a discussion point. 

But then, something happened. 

Suddenly, it seemed like every church in America was jumping on the Da Vinci bandwagon.  And to me, it started feeling like, "Oh great….there goes the ‘Christians’ again!" 

Not only that, but I began hearing that same statement from a handful of my "unchurched" friends as well.  (…which really bummed me out because I felt like this was a great opportunity to discuss some of the fundamentals of our faith, yet it was turning into what felt like a "Commercialized Christian ‘Buy Your Next Sermon Series HERE!’ type of thing.)

Anyway….as time went by, my excitement for the series dropped dramatically until I finally decided to cut the series and devote one weekend to talking about it – and in a MUCH different way than probably most people would have expected. 

So anyway, I share all of that to throw out our podcast link from this past weekend. 

If you want to hear a somewhat different perspective on it all, download it and listen to it (especially the 2nd half…)  If you don’t give a flip, then don’t.  That’s ok. 

The response from our community has been tremendous!  In fact, here’s part of an email I just received minutes ago:

The Orchard is a growing church community, and has that down to earth feel that has made our family feel so welcome. Every week we meet new people from within our community, and see new people who we know who have also decided to try out this tremendous experience. Your original thought about the Di Vinci Code was spot on. We do not need to do this to teach, because we do not have anything to defend. As a church community we are moving forward and teaching new and better things, not defending ourselves from a sensationalized fictional story.

Here’s the audio/podcast link.

One Response to “Da Vinci Bandwagon”

  1. Betsy says:

    Great insights, Scott. I really enjoyed the message.
    I have had such a hard time understanding the outrage and protest from churches about this book (and movie). I was so intimidated by the initial controversy that I didn’t read the book. To be honest, I was afraid that what it contained might introduce questions that I didn’t have the answers to, and I didn’t want to bring doubt into my walk with God unnecessarily.
    I finally got it on CD and was immediately sucked into the great mystery and intrigue of the story. I was confounded by the complete lack of anything worth screaming about in the book. Sure, it’s got untruth in it, but I’ve heard and seen much worse. Truth be told, it said more harmful things about the Church (mostly the Catholic church) than it did about Jesus himself.
    I appreciate your point of view. (It reminds me of my reaction to the Brokeback Mountain controversy.)
    I think the church’s (over)reaction to this book has caused more harm than Dan Brown ever dreamed of inflicting.

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