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daLLas & heLL

Jan 26, 2006

So here I am sitting in a coffeehouse writing a message on "hell" for my next talk in our series, "The Other Side" while a bunch of you are at the C3 Conference in Dallas…and on top of that – blogging about it every couple of minutes. 

(Is it any coincidence that the word "hell" has to L’s and so does the word "Dallas"?) 

Ok, maybe not.  I’m just jealous…  :)  

Seriously, keep it up guys.  Your notes are great! 

2 Responses to “daLLas & heLL”

  1. :) Wish you were here man. Sending you a bumper sticker found in our hotel gift shop:
    “Don’t mess with Texas.” :)

  2. Scott, you are not the only one wishin you could attend. I live in the DFW area but had to work. The nice thing is one of my offices is only 2 mins from Fellowship so I ran over there around noon each day. Met Terry Storch, that was worth it! I do agree there is a connection with Dallas and Hell. I moved from Seattle to DFW in August, hell!

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