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Nov 13, 2005

I think I’ve probably set the alarm off at my office at least 50 times (including this morning)…..and still……every time I do it, it freaks me out.  It’s so loud that I actually feel guilty – almost like I’ve "broken into" my office and should just wait it out for the police to show up and drag my sorry butt to jail! 

Not cool… 

5 Responses to “Dang”

  1. Doesn’t the local constables begin to charge you for false alarms after a certain number of calls?

  2. I know the feeling…. I went to a prayer meeting once, a Wednesday night sort of thing, at a church back home (Canada).
    Well, it seems that they must have rescheduled, as no one was there… but they left the door open, so I figured I’d go in to check.
    Well, the alarm was on, which went off 59 seconds after I stepped into the building.
    I decided to wait for the police and explain what happened, but mainly because I didn’t want them to waste a bunch of time trying to find whoever had “broken into the church.”

  3. Rachel says:

    Maybe you should let the cops come and haul you away. Great video footage for a sermon some day.

  4. Perry says:

    Dude–that makes me laugh…OUT LOUD! You know God had to have been laughing!!!

  5. jason breda says:

    I have done that so many times I can’t count. When we lived in Seattle we had 3 different alarms for the building, I could never remember if one or the other was active.
    Actually my comment is more about the time. 4:57 AM??? You are a mad man!!

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