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Dang Mac Apps!

May 12, 2007


I hate Macs.  At least right now.  I just got sucked into a new app that is crazy fun and now I’ve lost about 20 30 minutes of my morning.  It’s called Nocturne and it allows you to do all kinds of freaky things with your desktop and monitor. 

Outside of the fact that I how have a headache and my eyes are bleeding this was a lot of fun….

Now back to it. 

Work that is…


6 Responses to “Dang Mac Apps!”

  1. Brad Martin says:

    OK, I just downloaded it. Not sure what it does but pretty crazy on the eyes. Have you checked out Delicious Library? If you like books and want an online library, this is a cool app. It scans your books, music, games etc with bar code and keeps them in your library. Let me know what you think.

  2. Well if you liked that you should find this equally time wasting, but interesting also.

  3. Dan says:

    If you haven’t drank the Quicksilver koolaid you haven’t even begun to use a Mac. Also amazing: Journler
    BTW, Nocturne was designed to help Ctrl+Option+Command+8 be easier on the eyes, so you can use your computer in direct sunlight.

  4. thats a weird app, but i suppose in bright light it would help

  5. thanks for ruining my day, Scott. I’ve been messing with this all day since you told me about it. My wife wants to hang and watch 24 but I told her I cannot, I must continue tweaking…
    thanks everyone else for giving me more apps to check out!!

  6. Los says:

    Way to waste my time jerk.

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