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Dedication Weekend at The Orchard!

Nov 5, 2007

It’s late Monday night and I am still feeling the excitement over our gatherings this past weekend at The Orchard!  For one, I had the awesome privilege of dedicating 19 children at our Parent-Child Dedication.  This is always an honor for me as parents from our church community publicly dedicate themselves and their children to God.

Since some of you have asked…  We begin our dedications by having all of the families stand in front of the entire church while I explain the significance of dedication to those attending.  After a brief explanation, I ask the families to make five commitments that have to do with raising their children according to the scriptures.  Then, I have each family come up on the stage where I pray and speak a blessing over each parent and child.  It’s a very, very special and significant time for our entire community!

But what made this weekends dedication even more significant for me personally was the dedication of our three-month old son, Alex.  Wow, talk about an emotional moment…  I actually did pretty good, but could definitely feel the weight of the responsibility and commitment we were making before our church community, family and most importantly – God.

I don’t have any photos of the actual dedication yet, but here are a few taken the same day.

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Note: Yes, Julia’s mouth and teeth are indeed blue in the bottom left photo.  Special thanks to the bright blue candy ring she was wearing and eating for the hour prior to the photo being taken.  To Photoshop it goes.

7 Responses to “Dedication Weekend at The Orchard!”

  1. jay hardwick says:

    beautiful family, bro…blue teeth and all! :-)

  2. chris g says:

    good lookin’ family dude.

  3. Jeanna says:

    I can’t believe how big Alex is getting! I was the lucky one who got to love on your boy during Innovate.
    Thanks for posting new pictures!

  4. dude,
    have you been tanning at Erwin McManus’ tanning salon??

  5. debbie bock says:

    Ok, the new little man looks just like his big sister! What a beautiful family!

  6. Abe says:

    That glow would give E a run for his money! How were the Islands Cabana Boy?

  7. Rachel says:

    WOW!! you are one good looking family. tell your wife i said HEY!!!

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