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Apr 20, 2005


You know how on the Starbucks website you can type in your zip code and it gives you all of the Sbux locations in that vicinity?  This is just the opposite. is a site dedicated to steering people clear of the "big name" coffeehouses such as Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, etc… and pointing them towards local and independently owned coffeehouses.

While I must admit that I am a Starbucks fan (mainly because there aren’t too many indy’s in my area, unless I want to drive into the city…), is a great idea to help encourage customers to visit and support the little guys. 


3 Responses to “Delocator”

  1. It really is a great idea. It’s nice of them (and safe) to also include the sbux locations in a seperate column from the non-corporate coffee houses.

  2. jamey johnson says:

    scott, i have an idea what about creating a pastordelocator – pastordelocator will help millions of people stay clear of the pastors who stands 6′ foot and above in stature “and it is a great idea to help encourage the ‘customer/church goer’ to visit and support the LITTLE GUY” – you know those pastors 5’5 in height and below. Scott, since your…WELL YOU KNOW…SHORT – this might help those attendees who desire the SHORT MAN OF GOD to be their shepherd and pastor.
    HEY, the apostle Paul was little!

  3. Betsy says:

    The two men represent what one researcher says is evidence that the national craving for gourmet coffee may be adding mileage to the morning rush hour. And the numbers might be significant enough to complicate efforts to reduce traffic congestion, save fuel and reduce air pollution.
    She calls it — what else? — the “Starbucks Effect.”

    News Story

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