Scott Hodge



Jan 21, 2008

UPDATE: All three are done. Not too bad. My entire head feels numb. Weird feeling those teeth pop out. Wowzers…


Sitting in a dentist chair getting ready to have 3 teeth pulled.

Yes, 3.

Should make for a fun creative team mtg this afternoon!

Now go fast and pray for me!

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2 Responses to “Dentist”

  1. Flav says:

    Phew, Scott! Man, I WILL be praying for you and your mouth! And for the dentist working on you too. Lord have mercy! Amen.

  2. Tim Irwin says:

    Hey, Scott, my prayers are definitely with you following your dental ordeal, but as far as fasting goes, no way! I still have teeth! (Please receive this in the spirit of love,mercy and fun intended.)

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