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Do the Never

Apr 11, 2005
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Thanks Seth for the great advice this morning on your blog:

Here’s a neat way to invent a new  Purple Cow.

Figure what the always is. Then do something else.

Toothpaste always comes in a squeezable tube.
Business travelers always use a travel agent.
Politicians always have their staff screen their calls.

Figure out what the always is, then do exactly the opposite. Do the never.

One Response to “Do the Never”

  1. bill says:

    Genious. Seth always comes through. So the question is – what would this look like for those of us pastoring churches?
    I have read all of Seth’s stuff, and as I do, there’s this underlying feeling telling me that there are HUGE ramifications for the church that we haven’t figured out yet. (Beyond having a “send to a friend” button on our email newsletters). I would really like to get together a ‘long-distance’ group that could think through some of this… I think there could be huge ramifications for our churches involved.
    Up for it? Email me ( and let me know.

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