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Dr. Seuss’ Horton

Mar 28, 2008


Today with my girls…

5 Responses to “Dr. Seuss’ Horton”

  1. Can I just say “Jealous!”? We were going to take David the first weekend it came out, and he decided he didn’t want to see it any more. I am going to be gone all weekend on an Encounter Weekend. I will be back at church on Sunday morning. I asked him if he would like to go see the movie or spend time playing board games or something like that at home. He chose the board games. I am glad because we can interact and make memories that way, but I really want to see that movie!!!

  2. Brad Ruggles says:

    I’ve wanted to take my girls to go see that (translated: I’m trying to make up an excuse to see it myself!).
    I’ve heard it was pretty good.
    Brad Ruggles

  3. sacred vapor says:

    excellent movie… Lots of fun and the characters are very like-able.

  4. Pete Wilson says:

    Saw it with my boys. We loved it.

  5. connor says:

    it wasnt a bad film, i’ve never been a fan of the Dr. Seuss stuff though

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