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Drive Videos

Sep 30, 2005


Northpoint has all of the main sessions from Drive online for……………………….FREE.  Yes, free. 


(Thanks Batterson for the discovery…)

4 Responses to “Drive Videos”

  1. Awesome!
    Thank you very much for the link!

  2. FREE Drive Conference Clips

    Check out these free videos of 5 main sessions from Drive Conference 2005, a conference for church leaders.
    Drive Conference Videos
    I havent seen these yet but plan on taking a gander when I get home tonight.
    Thanks to Scott Hodge for the li…

  3. Pat Callahan says:

    I missed the conference. I wept openly.
    I followed your link to the videos. Again, I wept openly.
    Thanks for the link (sniff…)

  4. robKELLY says:

    Drive Conference 05

    For those of us who were unable to attend the Drive Conference at North Point this year, we can catch all of the main sessions here for free. I’m pretty sure that if you attended the link will also work

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