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DST Ends

Oct 28, 2006

I love that I get an extra hour of sleep tonight!  (DST ends!)

PS – CST people, don’t forget to change your clocks back an hour…

6 Responses to “DST Ends”

  1. David W says:

    What is this Daylight Savings Time you speak of? =)
    You know that is one thing that really drives me crazy about AZ, no daylight savings time. So we basically just shift between the mountain time zone and the Pacific Time Zone.

  2. woohoo!! extra hour in bed this mornin!!

  3. kenny says:

    Turning the clocks back an hour just meant that my 2 year old woke us up at 4:30am instead of 5:30am… yay for DST.

  4. jason breda says:

    I vote for an extra hour of sleep every saturday…half the year we would be in the dark, but that hour of sleep would do wonders for road-rage and creative people…

  5. Kathryn says:

    I love the “fall back” DST!!! I am awake and many people are early to church.
    Spring DST is a different story…

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