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Easter Arrives on Rotor Blades

Apr 8, 2007

Great coverage in The Beacon News this morning on yesterday’s Easter Egg Drop at The Orchard

Special thanks to reporter Dave Garbe and photographer Donnell Collins for the great article and images! 


4 Responses to “Easter Arrives on Rotor Blades”

  1. AWESOME article!! Maybe we can come to the egg drop next year!!! :-) It sounds like it was a well attended event. Enjoy the day off tomorrow and relax with your family.
    Thank you for ministering to the lost and hurting people. Also, thank you for the ministry that you and Amanda have provided in mine and Ed’s lives.
    We are so thankful to God for the gifts that are in you guys. As well as the gifts that you have been to us! We love and appreciate you!

  2. Anthony c says:

    man! what a day! that was awesome, but sorry i couldn’t get the eggs being dropped from the helicopter..the service was awesome today, you guys did great!

  3. Ben Hammond says:

    Hey, the easter egg drop was great… a bit cold… but it is obvious that the kids had a lot of fun.
    Oh, and here’s where my blog moved to that you asked for last Sunday.

  4. Lori Michaels says:

    Sorry, dude, somebody one upped you. Keep it up, feelgood preacher. Next year you better give away the helicopter to keep up with the Perrys & the Furticks.

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