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Easter at The Orchard – Saturday Night

Apr 8, 2007

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Wow, what a great evening!  The police have estimated that over 1,200 people were in attendance at our Easter Egg Drop tonight where over 10,000 eggs were dropped from the sky by a helicopter.  (Special thanks to the chopper pilot who really had a challenge with the high winds!)  It was a bit cold (mid-30′s), but certainly a fun time! 

Over 700 people attended one of two Easter services tonight as well.  We launched our new series, Confessions of a blue jean wearin’, Starbucks addicted pastor, and had some AWESOME music and videos. 

And the cool part is that we get to do this two more times tomorrow!  Can’t wait!

Happy Easter friends! 


4 Responses to “Easter at The Orchard – Saturday Night”

  1. edith Zepeda says:

    Hey Scott!!!! Well tonight I got to enjoy 4:30 service! I loved it! It’s good to know you are human just like us. (hee-hee) I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Yes it was cold but what a thrill!!! Gabe was super excited! He said he will remember this day for the rest of his life!The helicopter was amazing he told everyone he could about it. I was really surprised by how many people I knew who were visiting. They all were invited by someone who attends the Orchard! I saw one of my students from kindercare, relatives who I didn’t even think of inviting, old co-workers, and a girl that
    I went to High school with who I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years. Amamzing!! If this is a clue of what’s to come this year I think we should dream bigger!!! Well
    tomorrow it’s me and God’s Big Top! So I better stop helping the Easter buny make baskets and get to bed! Goodnight and again Thanks for a great experience!!

  2. Scott – WOW! How exciting!!! I am always in AWE of the greatness and goodness of God. I LOVE visiting your website and seeing all the AMAZING things that God is doing at The Orchard.
    One of these days when I get my Ipod, I will be listening to your talks while I am driving. :-) Of course, I will have the adapter to hook up the Ipod to the radio in the car. No headphones while driving!!! :-)

  3. Scott, it looks freeking fantastic! Nice job. The picture of the church crowd–you look like “Where’s Waldo?” Hey, that’s it! You can make a “Where’s Pastor Scotty?!” series of books – what a great fundraising idea!

  4. Dolores Cadena says:

    Scott, wow…what a wonderful experience!!!!!. My husbands sister, her husband, and their three kids came to the egg drop and then, much to my surprise, stayed for the 7:00 service. Wow, what a God moment. I had tears in my eyes – it’s moments like this when we know that God is working in people’s lives.
    I also worked welcome team that night and I saw lots of new people in the 7:00 service. You could tell they were new because they kept their kids with them during the service. I helped several families find seats near the family section. Maybe next time they will feel more comfortable using one of the children’s classrooms.
    Anyway, awesome job to you and your staff!!!!!!

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