Scott Hodge


Easter Weekend – Saturday

Apr 7, 2007

THOUSANDS of eggs…

Dropped by a helicopter.

Today.  6pm.

The Orchard.


3 Responses to “Easter Weekend – Saturday”

  1. jason allen says:

    Just curious how the easter egg drop from a helicopter works. Is the helicopter way up in the sky when they drop? Do they come apart when they hit? Maybe I’m a dunce but I’ve been trying to picture how this works for some time now. It sounds like an awesome idea, that’s why I’m curious how it all works.
    Can you fill me in?

  2. edith Zepeda says:

    Gabe has been dreaming about this since he found out! Cant wait! See you there!!!

  3. My first thoughts are of WKRP and the Turkey Drop.

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