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Sep 18, 2007


Courtesy of Todd.

8 Responses to “Emergent|Evangelical|Fundamentalist”

  1. Johnny Laird says:

    Hey Scott
    Jon Birch’s little ‘toons are getting some nice, well-deserved exposure on the web.
    They hit the spot:

  2. I find it humorous – well, actually disappointing – to the see the part of the church that is so “anti-division” actually starting to revel in the “Emergent” label so much that they want to further the labels shown in this comic. It’s funny, but it’s just as sad as the denominationalism that so pervades fundamentalism. Can’t we be funny without attacking someone? Especially those of us who are sorta fundamentalist but partially evangelical while agreeing that Emergence has some good points?

  3. Ben Hammond says:

    Wow. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen today… and I’ve laughed a lot today. I actually laughed out loud… well, at least chucked. The other toons are really funny as well on his blog.

  4. daniel d says:

    I think we just need one more image… “THE WATCH DOG – I complain and try to pull down everyone.”

  5. Sam says:

    LOL that is great

  6. Kathryn Egly says:

    Ben – did you “chuck” or “chuckle.” I hope the latter. :)

  7. Ben Hammond says:

    To add to this… in addition to my comment about these toons being funny… on his blog some of them are also down right sobering.

  8. jon birch says:

    thank you scott for the link.
    and thanks everyone for the comments.
    i hope ben didn’t chuck… i’m wondering whether i should include a health warning now!
    and quickly to answer bernards comment… every one is ‘in for it’ at asbo jesus… emergents too… and it is impossible not to use labels when making a point. no cartoon is designed to offend, but i accept that some will be offended, for which i make no apology.
    the cartoons are to provide a service, not a disservice. hope that makes sense bernard.
    thanks again scott.

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