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Fast, Furious and Freakin’ Fhenomenal

Aug 19, 2006

We took Elise to a birthday party at a local bowling alley today and I found this game:


It’s The Fast And The Furious driving game.  And let me tell you – this is one SICK game!  Addicting, fun and extremely dangerous! 

Between tappin’ myself out (good thing there wasn’t a credit card machine connected to it) and the crude insults flying between myself the 9 year old kid that I kept allowing to beat me at the machine next to mine, I have become convinced that I must never plan a vacation to Las Vegas,  attempt to drive a racecar or become a children’s pastor. 

4 Responses to “Fast, Furious and Freakin’ Fhenomenal”

  1. I guess I’ll need to stay off the roads when your out and about.

  2. That’s a great tag. I love comedy. Nice work…

  3. yeh kids today… they’re just so darn… uh… competitive.

  4. i didnt know there was a fast n furious arcade game, thats cool, but in terms of arcade racers, nothing beats sega rally

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