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Oct 3, 2005
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There’s a guy in our church who I’ve gotten to know over the past several months who has become a really great source of feedback to me personally.  Don’t get me wrong – I have a lot of people around me who I am constantly asking for feedback from; but there’s a level and depth to this guy’s feedback that really, really helps me. 

In fact, the level and quality of feedback I receive from him makes me want to make sure that I am giving this same quality of feedback to the people I lead and am connected with. 

So, in asking myself why his feedback is so helpful, I’ve come up with a few thoughts…

     1.  He’s specific. 

Vague feedback is nice, but it doesn’t really help me improve.  When someone tells me that a presentation or a "talk" hit the nail on the head – I want to know why.  And on the other hand, if I’ve done less than a great job at something, I want to know why too.  What was it EXACTLY that was unclear or not communicated well?

In being specific, he is also very intentional about sharing both the positives and negatives.  He doesn’t just tell me the good, he also tells me where improvement could be made.  He’s not afraid or bashful about telling me his thoughts.

     2.  He’s tactful.

When he gives me feedback, he does it in a way that is honest, yet respectful.  When someone approaches feedback tactfully and with respect, it tends to minimize defensiveness that so easily pops up when someone feels disrespected or not cared for.

And probably the biggest reason that I appreciate this person’s feedback in my life is because… 

    3.  It’s evident that he believes in and supports my leadership. 

When I know that
someone truly cares about me and believes in what I’m doing, I will
listen to almost anything they have to say.  On the other hand, when a person’s motive is in question or if I don’t feel like they’ve "earned the right"
to be heard, I would almost rather not take the time to listen. 
In my book, earning the right to be heard is essential (at least in terms of long-term and on-going feedback…)

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  1. dk says:

    and that’s the key to quality feedback. great!

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