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Feels Good!

Apr 4, 2006
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About two and a half hours ago I had a check off list of 21 "must get done today" items on a legal pad.  Every item but one is checked off!  And I feel good.  At least for now… 

The big one is that we finally nailed down our music set for Easter weekend!  And here’s a little "inside secret" – we’re going to be starting all four services with a U2 song!  YESSSSSSSS!

Now we’ve got some videos to hone in on.  We’re heading downtown early next week for some street interviews in Chicago. 

Lots to do, but it’s all coming together!

One Response to “Feels Good!”

  1. noelle says:

    Is it going to be a Beautiful Day at the OVCC?
    That’s a great opener for Easter- our worship team did it a couple years ago…it was great.
    Sounds like its going to be great. :)

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