Scott Hodge



Oct 26, 2005


This is the greatest candle I have ever owned.  It’s called "Firewood" and it’s a part of the Henri Bendel Home collection of candles.  It’s pretty expensive for a candle ($28), so I usually switch between this one and another candle called Tobacco Harvest that I picked up at Nat Sherman on 5th Ave. in NYC a few months ago. 

It is seriously the best smelling candle I have ever laid my nose on.  Sort of a mix between a rich tobacco smell, sandalwood, cedar and birch.  Here’s a link where you can buy one for me if you should feel so compelled.  :)   Kidding of course (sort of.)

3 Responses to “Firewood”

  1. I’m sure my wife and I would love the smell of that candle.

  2. s says:

    i have one….

  3. Jason Simmons says:

    If you like quality candles you should try McCall Country Candles, They are not quite as expense as those but they are great if you burn alot of candles. Just FYI

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