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@#(@#! FLIES.

Nov 8, 2007

I just got into a fight with a fly at Starbucks.

He won.

7 Responses to “@#(@#! FLIES.”

  1. Huebner says:

    Scott: I would like a quad-shot Venti special of the day…
    Starbucks employee: Would you like flies with that???

  2. jamey johnson says:

    dude, I told you the flies at the Starbucks by your house SUCKS! The flies are everywhere! I spent 1/2 hour that smashing them with a newspaper before I could sit and start reading…horrible!

  3. Brad McDonald says:

    Did he knock you out or knock over your Venti?

  4. Nathan Hov says:

    Those flies can be sneaky @#$%ards good thing it wasn’t a roach.

  5. Mike says:

    They are small and stealthy…but not very smart.

  6. D-Plum says:

    What’s up with the winged critters, man?? My fam and I were driving this morning, and my wife sees something splash INTO MY ORANGE JUICE in the cupholder! It was raining outside, and she thought somehow we had sprung a leak…
    She looked into the cup, and it was a BEE… a FREAKIN’ BEE!! It was 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE… where’d the bee come from?! Winged critters.. ya gotta hate ‘em!
    Er uh… I’ve never got my a– kicked by a fly, though. :-)

  7. Rindy says:

    I got a text at work from my son walking on the sidewalk…”I just got hit by a bird”–it flew right into him!! so what is it with these flying things??!

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