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Apr 3, 2006

"Thinking Hebrew." 

It’s not easy for us Western folks.  Yet, if you think about it, Jesus lived like a Jew, talked like a Jew and worshipped like a Jew because…..He WAS Jewish! 

And not only that, but Jesus (in keeping with his Jewish roots) taught and lived from a very Jewish perspective.  Yet, many of us (including me) have read, interpreted and taught the scriptures from a very western, 21st century perspective.  (which doesn’t make that approach "false" or "wrong", but does – at times – cause us to miss out on some pretty amazing perspectives…

This has put a hunger in my heart to learn more and more about the life, the times and the culture that Jesus lived in.  The more historical and cultural context I have as I study and teach, the better I will be able to follow Jesus and hopefully help move others forward in that journey as well.

There have been two resources in particular that have been huge in stirring me up about the Hebraic background of Jesus – Rob Bell – pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, MI and a site called,  Follow the Rabbi.  Both are great resources…

Check them out!  And feel free to leave any others that have been helpful to you in your journey. 

7 Responses to “Follow the Rabbi”

  1. steve says:

    Dwight Pryor (who Rob Bell references quite frequently) has an excellent website with many resources for this topic. He also gives seminars which apparently are well worth the time. This whole idea of cultural context is so important in the western world.

  2. chris says:

    Great post Scott, it is truely amazing how the Bible takes on such a richness and directness when we begin to look at the context of the Bible in historical, as well as spiritual eyes. In the book i have been reading, Misquoting Jesus, the biggest problem with the mistranslations, substitutions, changes, and “corrections” is that, “We”, the “Church” (for centuries) have tried to understand the BIBLE via the character of Jesus (or how we believe that character of Jesus should be), rather than using the Bible , in its history, context, and original wording, to learn the Character of Christ. We assume that we know that, that we know Jesus, and hvae allowed the Bible to be changed, in mostly small ways, but changed…to fit our View of Him, rather than using the Bible to show us who he really is. No more does this seem prevelant than in our modern western view of Jesus…the “Buddy Christ”~ What does anyone else think?

  3. jason allen says:

    Rob also has a reading list now posted at You can find it if you click on Rob’s speaker profile. Since you seem to be a fan I thought you might like his list…:)

  4. sam sanders says:

    read “The Secret Message of Jesus” by Brian McLaren

  5. joe kotulski says:

    Hey i appreciated your comments. I am being influenced by Rob Bells teaching and i really desire to know what Jesus was like. There has been so many years through western Catholic teaching that we no longer recognize a Jesus unless he is white, with long hair and stuck to a flannel graph!

  6. C W Fruth says:

    Another amazing sourse if called “Tha Ancient Hebrew Research Center” They are doing wonderfull work on the ancient Hebrw pictographs and returning to the original meanings.

  7. chavel says:

    There’s also a good website that explains much about the First Century Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and Rabbi.

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