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Sep 9, 2006

Those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for any length of time know how much I LOOOOOVE GREAT FOOD!  Some call me a "foodie", I just call myself someone who really enjoys good food and drink. 

I’m the kind of person who will travel long distances for the best tacos al pastor (no pun intended…) or the most authentic Chinese dim sum.  It’s been said of me that I have a type of built in radar for great food (and Starbucks).  Just ask my friends!  I’ve never led them astray… (Except for the trip to Chinatown when Kathryn had her post dim sum curbside issue…But then again, everyone else was fine!  Sorry Kat…)

SOOOOO….before this starts sounding like a "personal" ad, here are a few of food blogs that I’ve recently stumbled upon that I thought I would share with you for your weekend drooling pleasure. 

Enjoy and eat well! – This is a new one that I just found today.  Holy smokes…  If you are a fan of breaded meat, this site will make you slap your grandma! 

tommy:eats – This guy is an eating machine!  Great pics and some good reviews of some of our great places here in Chicago. – Chicago Thai menu translations and images.  Gotta LOVE Thai food!

Diner’s Journal – From the NYT’s Frank Bruni. 

GreaseFreak – Chicago fast food at it’s best!  Italian beefs, hot dogs, gyros…  Prrrrr….

6 Responses to “FOODIE”

  1. Allen Arnn says:

    Man… that pork tenderloin labeled

  2. ted says:

    Kathryn, what is that on my shoe? Rice?

  3. Joni says:

    Wow. I think Steve might have some issues. And LOTS of time on his hands.

  4. MDS says:

    The best Pork Tenderloin Sandwich’s are in Peoria at a place called Schooner’s. They are the size of a medium pizza. They come with 4 buns if you want to share.

  5. Davydd says:

    Thanks for the plug. I just updated with what may be “The World’s Largest Pure Pork Tenderloin Sandwich” from the St. Olaf Tap in St. Olaf, IA. Since I have now visited Joensy’s and the St. Olaf Tap I can say it is no contest. St. Olaf’s is bigger and much better. We still consider the tastiest to be Nick’s Kitchen in Huntington, IN where they reputedly originated in 1908.

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