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Free WiFi for Aurora

Mar 20, 2006

It looks like Aurora, IL is going to be getting free WiFi that will cover the entire city.  Yes….that’s right – FREE!

(On a side note and in case you don’t know, Aurora – which is where our church campus is located – is not only the home of Wayne’s World, but it is now the 2nd largest city in Illinois.  Chicago is 1st.) 

What’s amazing is that this is being done with almost little or no cost to the taxpayers.

According to the Aurora Beacon News:

Aurora is in final negotiations with a Silicon Valley company that wants to spend $1 million installing as many as 1,200 Wi-Fi access points all around the city to which any computer user could connect for free.
The company, called MetroFi, makes its money by placing small advertisements in any Web browsers using the network to reach the Internet.

I’m all for this – for a lot of reasons…but I’m especially excited about this because since we are a church community that encourages and embraces technology this will open up MORE opportunities for us to connect with our community.

5 Responses to “Free WiFi for Aurora”

  1. Johnny says:

    That is sweet. Wi-fi, like radio. What will they think of next?
    And could they hurry and think of it in Fort Worth?! :-D

  2. David W says:

    I can see the good points of this and I can see the bad points. This will help the hundreds of people or even thousands of people that do not have internet access and it will also help those that don’t know how to set it up on a router. It will save people a lot of money which will be nice too. It will also force the companies that provide internet access in your area to be more innovative to gain the business.
    From an IT and legal perspective, in my opinion, it would be a nightmare. Security risks and virus/worm spreading could be rampant. I personally would not ever connect a computer with personal info on it to a wifi signal that was publicly open like that. Hopefully it will go smooth. I’m sure they have thought of these things.

  3. Scott, if your church is in the coverage area, you could set up your message notes, bulletin and other info on your website. Then those with PDA’s or other wifi equiped units could pick up this rather than paper formats. Could be a good test. I wonder if you could include a poll based on your series to be on there, make service interactive for those who embrace this tech stuff? Just thinking out loud.

  4. Tony Valle says:

    Thanks for the great post! I spent many fond years in Aurora. Seeing your post brought back some good memories. My parents live in Geneva now. Maybe Geneva and other surrounding towns will follow Aurora’s lead!

  5. That’s so cool…more places need to do that…I’m sure plenty of companies in the area are annoyed but how cool will that be.
    so jealous, so jealous.
    –RC of

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