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Free WiFi for Aurora, IL

May 11, 2006

It’s official – looks like Aurora is quickly moving forward with their plans to offer FREE WiFi to every person with access to a wireless enabled computer.  The network will cover the entire city (this is huge considering that Aurora is the 2nd largest city in Illinois…) and the cost will be covered via advertisements that will appear on a bar on the top of the user’s screen.

This is pretty amazing…  And the implications of this will be huge.  I can only imagine that the percentage of Internet users in our community will skyrocket in the next year or two – which means that our opportunity to reach more people via the Internet and Podcasting will increase significantly.   

So awesome!

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4 Responses to “Free WiFi for Aurora, IL”

  1. I’m of two minds on this sort of thing; on the one hand, it would be pretty darn cool.
    On the other hand, I tend to be an old-school free market capitalist, and having the government provide services basically puts people out of business. For example, if the city decided to provide free cable television to everyone, that would be cool — it would also put several companies out of business. The question becomes, does the government have the right to put these companies out of business?
    I don’t think I have an answer — but I suppose if I lived in Aurora it would be pretty cool to have free wireless everywhere… ;-)

  2. steve says:

    Being a near resident of Aurora (within a couple miles that is) I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it it a great idea and levels the technology playing field. On the other, I wonder if Aurora could better spend their resources….

  3. Ben Cruz says:

    Free is always good. Aurora being the frist city in the Midwest to offer free internet is good. People does not know that the city is not using any tax dollars to provide this services. In fact the installation and operation cost of the wifi is being charged to Metro Wifi. This is the same company that is doing well in California. The city of Aurora allowed this company to use the city light post to install the antenna. Also keep in mind that the internet is free because there will be advertisement in every page. For people who does not like the ads, they can pay $20/mo for 1 mb down /256k up.

  4. Todd Macleary says:

    The co. that was already into the project,(app.20% completed) got greedy and tried to get $ for their efforts in addition to all of the advertising $. Aurora said no and they bailed.

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