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Friday Coveting

Mar 30, 2007

I want one of these. 


De’Longhi Rialto One-Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine
On sale now at Starbucks

Sale price: $1499.90 (Regular price: $1800)

Just throwing that out there. 

As an FYI.

To the rich folks who are looking for ways to spend $1800 on a dude who’s blog really means a lot to them. 

Ok, I’m finished now.

PS – Email me for my address. 

Ok, sorry.  Seriously.

(Sale ends Monday, April 2nd!)

12 Responses to “Friday Coveting”

  1. jason allen says:

    Dude, I don’t even know you and I was going to buy it for you BUT then I saw it was automatic. That’s just wrong. I know you love Starbucks and all but the automatic wave they’re on is sinful (maybe the Schultz memo points to future repentance =).
    Therefore, I can’t buy it for you because I don’t want to cause you to sin. Sorry.

  2. Contributions of 3 Venti Lattes a week times how many readers of the blog should equal the purchase of the machine.

  3. Steven Gibbs says:

    Greatness. Many guys would have made up some story about how they were leading someone to Christ at Starbucks, and the espresso maker played a huge part. Then they would have pointed out what a great evangelism tool it is. It would have then moved to some innuendo about how Christ had one of these, and as a pastor you want to be like Christ! Anyway, it’s awesome. If you get 2, please shoot one to me. I’ll pay for shipping.

  4. Chris Baker says:

    Man…if I had some spare change laying around I’d be more then willing to help a brother out. But wouldn’t this mean you’d almost stop going to Starbucks? Thats one thing I like about that place..not having to clean up after you get your coffee. I was just listening to this song too – I thought I would respond. Not sure if your familiar with Rhett & Link – funny guys. But they have a coffee shop song. Thought of you when I was listening to this. Enjoy.

  5. Chris says:

    Scott- I haven’t been visiting your blog very long…but the thing I like is that you are bold. I second the vote on the espresso machine as long as I can get one too.

  6. edith Zepeda says:

    If I were to buy that for you, or lead a Scott O thon to raise the funds. I shutter to think how hyper you would be compared to how hyper you are now! I’m not willing to take that chance.

  7. Just in time for the end of Lent!

  8. I will contribute 180 Baht.
    Your post reminds me of the one I was making yesterday, basically exactly the same post but switch the espresso machine to a mac book pro and add some complaining about my broken computer. I even posted it but then my wife told me I was lame so I deleted it. :)

  9. Jim Larson says:

    Brother, you need help.

  10. ted says:

    well…so much for “making noise”…digging into the sbux fund could very well be against the will of god…hhhmmm…there has to be another way… :-)

  11. Rachel says:

    Check out my posting on the coffee Psalm!

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