Scott Hodge


Friday Kissing

Feb 10, 2006


I’m really not trying to be weird about this, but I’m sitting in Starbucks at one of those large sized meeting tables working on some weekend stuff and there is a couple sitting directly on the other side of the table (facing me) kissing – and I’m not talking a "quick peck" type of kiss – I’m talking…..well, let’s just say that "I’m standing by with a bottle of oxygen" type kissing.  (See wolf image above…)

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not anti-kissing.  I think it’s great!  But less than 2 feet away from someone?  Hello?!?  Am I invisible?  Go to your car or something!  (Besides, I was at the table first!)

And it’s just kind of weird because they are sitting where it would be natural for me to look up from time to time and well, with my A.D.D. it’s really difficult not to glance away from my computer now and then… and it’s just…I don’t know.  Uncomfortable. 


OMG…I think they just stopped breathing!

Gotta go…

7 Responses to “Friday Kissing”

  1. angie says:

    Just STARE at them long enough and they will stop!

  2. Or better yet, pull out your camera cell phone and start clicking away.

  3. Cell phone camera and post to a flickr account and then turn your laptop around and show them what’s going on real time.

  4. Perry says:

    Thanks Scott–I just threw up all over my computer thinking about what you were looking at!!!

  5. Scott. We are in love. Can’t you just get over it…? Love knows no table boundaries…

  6. matt says:

    Yeah – wow – Get over it Scott. You could have just let Eric and I be. It is love after all…
    Did I say that out loud?
    Eric I don’t know how to quit you. (Joking HA)

  7. Jason Breda says:

    Dude, at the Starbucks I frequent there is a couple, she is Russian and he is American. They can’t seem to keep their hands off one another, he commonly is stroking her face and and she, well….I can’t really describe her behavior. My thought last week was, “Get a room”
    I guess people feel comfortable at Starbucks….

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