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Fun Friday

Nov 4, 2005


It’s always fun receiving packages in the mail.  Especially today! 

Two gifts – from two readers of! 

One was a book from my wishlist and the other was a Henri Bendel Firewood candle that I blogged about the other day!  (The best candle of ALL TIME…)

I know who sent the book – thank you again btw…!  That was really great of you.

But I have no idea who sent the candle.  Thank you as well!  What an awesome surprise! 

And thank you to both of you for making it sort of feel like my birthday today without the "getting older" part! 

4 Responses to “Fun Friday”

  1. Wow, this seemed cool to me when you mentioned it last night, but now that it’s sunk in a little, this is REALLY cool. You must be doing something right – keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I need to update my wishlist as the holiday season is upon us.

  3. Scott Harris says:

    I filled out the little form that Firewood provided but oh well. (I’m not that humble as to keep it anonymous.) Anyways I wrote in order form that it’s kind of strange for a dude to send another dude a candle but I just wanted to express my appreciation for your blog. Love reading it!

  4. angie says:

    FYI- I found this candle @ Bath and Body Works at the MOA yesterday. It is a boy candle that is for sure!

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