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German Spam

May 18, 2005

For some reason my inbox has been getting bombarded with German spam the past couple of days.  Is it just me? 

Here’s what a bunch of the emails say:

.. damit Sie nicht als der erste Kanzler in die deutsche Geschichte eingehen, der Untertanen verboten hat, aus ihren Fenstern auf die Strasse zu gucken – selbst Nazis und Stalinisten haben niemals eine aehnliche Anordnung treffen lassen!

I hope I didn’t just post something obscene.  Just wondering if anyone else is getting anything like this…?

4 Responses to “German Spam”

  1. Betsy says:

    I’m not, but another guy in my office is.
    Here’s why: Sober Worm Spawns German Spam

  2. Chris says:

    According to a news report I read, this is the latest wave in spam: propaganda spam. Supposedly, these German messages are courtesy of the Sober.q virus, and they contain links that will take you to some right-wing Neo-Nazi German political news stories as well as website where your computer could end up infected.

  3. Betsy says:

    So what’s next? “Evangelism Spam”? Oh, I was kidding, but this guy took it seriously.

  4. Terry Storch says:

    They are all over! I can only assume that you jsut “missed” my post about it. :)

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