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Get rid of the leash…

Feb 4, 2008
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On January 1st, 2008 I sat in my office and spent a couple of hours reflecting back over the past twelve months of my life.  Using my blog, personal journals, and calendars as a reference point, I created a list of what I guess I’ll call "unusual moments." 

The list was made up of everything from conversations I had with certain people, to events that I went out of my way to attend.  But the one common denominator between them all was the fact that God used every one of them to stretch, challenge, and ultimately change the way I think about myself, ministry, leadership and His call on my life.

One of those "events" on my list was one that hosted by a good friend of mine named Perry Noble.  The event was called Unleash. 

Interestingly enough, the conference really wasn’t advertised much.  In fact, if I remember right, Perry asked a handful of his friends to blog about it and viola!  People showed up!  (How viral is that??)

Anyway….  My time at Unleash proved to be one of those "moments" in my life when God seemed to challenge my heart on several levels.  And here I am a year later, and despite the extremely busy season I was in at that time, I can honestly say that I am STILL glad I went!  (Unfortunately, I can’t say that about every event I’ve attended over this past year…) 

My time at Unleash wasn’t about trying to emulate Perry or Newspring or anyone else for that matter.  (Don’t get me started on that…It was about being around something bigger than myself.  It was about walking away feeling refreshed and empowered to pursue being everything God has called me to be. 

It really was a pivotal moment for me.  And our team.

So….with all that said…

The good news?  Perry and the gang are doing it again this year. 

The bad news?  I’m going to miss it!  ARGH!!

But seriously, if you feel stuck in your leadership or ministry right now – you may want to consider making the trip to Anderson, South Carolina for Unleash on March 13th.  Even if you feel like your ministry style differs from Perry or NewSpring – GREAT!  But still consider going.  It’s so much more than just about "style" or "approach."  It’s about witnessing God at work in a significant way in a local church.  Which is always a beautiful thing.

Learn more about Unleash.

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