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God Pursues…..They Hide

Aug 31, 2010
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I’m becoming more and more convinced that our perception of who God is and how He sees us is more important than any of us realize.

Think about it.

Adam and Eve. Beautiful garden….blessing…..every need met.  BUT….”, God says, “Honor me.  Keep me first.  How?  By refusing to eat from that tree over there.So what do they do?  Well, they do what all of us would’ve done….they eat from it.

God’s reaction? Pursuit.  He pursues them out of a heart of reconciliation.  His desire is to reconnect with them and clothe them.

But what does Adam and Eve do? They run and hide. Why?  Because of how they believed God perceived them.

Think about it.  God loves them, so he goes after them.  Adam and Eve run and hide because they think God is pissed

We live out of our realization of who God is and how we believe He sees us.

It impacts everything.  My thinking.  My confidence (or lack thereof).  My behavior.  My motivation. WHY I read my Bible.  WHY I go to church.  WHY I do good.  WHY I give.  And of course, it also impacts why and how I interact with others.  (More on that later.)

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