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Good Customers

Jun 2, 2005

The likeable Jackie Huba (for real – listen to one of the podcasts, I’m becoming a fan…) from the Church of the Customer blog has a great post (and link) on "Eight Ways to Be a Good Customer" and then adds to the list some of her own tips on preparing for good customers.


5 Responses to “Good Customers”

  1. Jackie Huba says:

    I’m blushing : ) Thanks for the nice words. And the link too.

  2. Betsy says:

    GREAT NEW PROFILE PICTURE. That really captures your spirit, I think.

  3. YAY! A new profile photo. w00t!

  4. bill says:

    The podcasts have been really great – Jackie is a ton of fun on them. I found Jackie from the link on your blog and love the site. Thanks for pointing more people their way.
    BTW, I love the new picture – very nice. ;)

  5. love the new pic… and thanks for the link.

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