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Good Morning From Chiang Mai

Jun 22, 2012

It’s Saturday morning and we are currently in Chiang Mai. Been here since Tuesday and so far we’ve loved it. The weather is cooler than anywhere we’ve been in Thailand so far. And the pace…well it’s pretty much perfect. More energetic than the quiet island of Koh Samui (although that was really nice) and yet, nowhere near as crowded and fast-paced as Bangkok.

Chiang Mai is about 700 km (435 mi) north of Bangkok and surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the country. It’s also considered to be the most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. We’re seeing the truth of this as we’re already noticing a city filled with amazing craftsmen and artisans. Definitely planning to add to my art collection while here.

Thankful to have found amazing rates at a beautiful five star hotel here called The Chedi. Probably one of the most beautifully designed hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Designed by the renowned Australian architect, Kerry Hill. It’s sits on the banks of the Mae Ping River. It is a real treat spending time here. (See a few photos here.)

Yesterday, we had an amazing and adventuresome day as we zip-lined across the top of a 1,500 year-old rainforest in northern Thailand. Wow…what an experience! And our kids loved it. Especially our four year old, Alex, who begged to be the first to zip-line at almost every platform (30+!!!). Can’t wait to share some of the video footage and photos from the day. We won’t ever forget this one and can’t wait to do it again!

Today we’re going to take it easy at our hotel. Swim, eat, shop a little, eat, nap, relax, and eat. We’ve been finding that alternating every other day between a packed schedule and then relaxing at our base has worked well. And also a good lesson for me and my GO, GO, GO…ALWAYS MOVING….WHAT’S NEXT addiction.

Monday we will spend the day hanging out with elephants. We tried the whole elephant riding thing in Koh Samui but quickly left after seeing the awful way the workers were treating these poor animals. Finding this to be fairly common in Thailand. But thankfully there are some who are doing it right. We’ll see on Monday…

We miss home. Amanda and I miss our time alone. We miss our friends. I miss my team. We miss our tribe. The kids miss their friends. But…we are so happy to be here in Thailand. Such great people. Amazing food. A truly beautiful country that we have traveled through with such ease. We are grateful.

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3 Responses to “Good Morning From Chiang Mai”

  1. Sounds like it has been an amazing trip! Can’t wait to hear more about the ziplining. That had to be incredible. We all miss the Hodges! But, we are so thankful you have had this time together. The hotel looks stunning!

  2. Your team misses you too my friend!

  3. Laura says:

    You were so right to step away with your family and experience this magnificent journey together. So proud of you Scott for making this a life memory for your family and your own, but also for establishing that awesome team of leaders here at The Orchard! Each week has brought it’s own blessing for this tribe and we are all very fortunate to be able to partake! Blessings to you on your continued travels and blessings to our wonderful staff!

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