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Apr 1, 2006

Ok, yeah…  That was fun.  April fools, blah, blah, blah…  Stop emailing me.  I’m back.  :)

(And thanks for the nice comments – especially you Rob…LOL!)  

For almost three years now I have been blogging.  In the beginning I honestly had no idea what I was doing (I’m not sure how much of that has changed…).  For the most part there were a handful of people who were reading to simply keep up on our lives.  Since then, readership has increased significantly and every month, thousands of people tune in to find out what’s on my mind. 

On one hand, I’m honored that anyone would give a rip what I have to say or what I’m thinking about. 

On the other hand, since so many people (most of whom I don’t even know personally…) read, the pressure that now comes with posting (even when posting my most casual thoughts…) has become somewhat of a burden to me.

Simply said, blogging has become more of a distraction than a joy in my life. 

So, after lots of thought and reflection, I have decided to stop blogging.

This will be my last post – at least at this season of my life.

I have also decided to remove all of my previous posts from both blogs as soon as I can find the time to backup and save all of my posts. 

So, with all that said…  I want to say thank you to all of my friends and also those of you who I’ve never met for all of the encouraging comments and support during this past season of my life.  It’s been fun having you along for the ride. 

Until next time…

Keep leading, living and drinking lots of coffee.

13 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. rick says:

    one condition – the next time you do something or see something or sing some special moving tune, and you find yourself thinking, “i’ve so got to blog that” – send me a shoutout and post it on mine. ok? :)

  2. Chris says:

    Ah man and I just bookmarked your RSS feed. Of course this could very well be a April Fools joke…seeing its is the 1st!

  3. Abe says:

    I have to admit that I was disappointed this morning when you told me you had decided to quit blogging. But after you explained why you were doing it, I understood. I often think of quitting altogether myself for similar reasons. As you said, it will be one less piece of “mental noise” for you to contend with.
    But it will be sad to see you go. I have grown accustomed to reading your ideas, and you will be missed greatly.

  4. Quintin says:

    My heart is broken that you are discontinuing your blogging gig. I don’t know whether to eat a whole gallon of Ben and Jerry’s or take my black-market Zoloft. Either way, I am saddened by this news.
    I guess since you are concluding your passion, I should tell you that I have been following your blog for the last couple of years. My wife, Sherita, has read your posts to me these last couple years, seeing how I am blind and blogs can’t be posted in brail.
    Please, I ask that you seek your Creator on this unfortunate, and maybe even ill-timed, decision.
    So, for me, I will be eating my ice cream and wallowing in self-pity, while listening to 50 cents newest album.
    Did I mention that my last name was Fool? Also, that my sister April follows your blog?

  5. bill streger says:

    Sad truth or April Fool’s joke? Only time will tell. If it is the truth, we’ll miss you here more than you know.
    If it’s an April Fool’s joke – nice. :)

  6. Robb says:


  7. Brian says:

    You’ve got to do better than that Scott. Nice try! Read you later.

  8. Scott Harris says:

    I thought of that one too. Then I decided to gel the toilet seat.
    See you at Buzz!

  9. Terry Storch says:

    Brotha, I totally understand. I was right there with ya and jumped off….and it felt so good! It was so wonderful to be away from the blog world for a while.
    Scott, I am praying for you and your church. You are an amazing leader and person.
    Your brotha from anotha motha.

  10. Wow, I’m stunned. But totally respect your decision.
    Dude, thanks for your inspiration as a pastor.
    And caffeine addict.

  11. FusionLife says:

    Updated A few quick thoughts

    I have a post in the works but Im trying to work it all out in my head before I blog about it but I havent blogged in a couple of days and figured I wanted to get something up.
    I among others fell for his April Fools Day joke. Oh well, …

  12. matt says:

    That’s funny! I’m still laughing and envious that I didn’t think of it myself. Next year…

  13. Robin Storch says:

    Just so you know, after this post originally “aired”, I thought , “Aww, that’s sad. I liked his blog.” And then unsubscribed in my bloglines. Then, after Lori linked to you, I asked Terry.
    No, he didn’t quit.
    Oh yes he did. And I set off to find it. It seems we were both right and I have been missing tons. Now I feel like a big goober!!!=)

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