Scott Hodge


Goodbye Pope…

Apr 2, 2005

I am saddened by the death of Pope John Paul II. 

Yet, ask me to give you ten solid facts about his life and I will probably struggle.  I do know that he was a very good man who took a stand on a lot of issues that most people were afraid to address or declare their convictions on.  I also know that he believed in peace and goodness for all of mankind

2 Responses to “Goodbye Pope…”

  1. I think he also represented “Hope” for a lot of people. Unending, optomistic hope for the future. Something so many of us have lost or forgotten.

  2. ron says:

    After it’s all said and done I hope his life wasn’t all works and no faith. It makes me wonder if he had a personal relationship with Christ? If not – Satan is having a field day. If so – heaven rejoices him just as much as the sinner who repents a minute before his death. My prayer is that people not focus on just the passing of a pope but realize that there is a loving and just God.

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