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Google Food

Aug 5, 2005

I wish I worked for Google.

Here’s why.

6 Responses to “Google Food”

  1. Bill Whitmore says:

    Good stuff, I am envious of where you work. You get to serve the greatest food out there. Food for thought, Googles free food is temporary, yours is eternal!

  2. Paughnee says:

    Thanks a lot, Scott. I was perfectly happy with my company cafeteria until I read what Google offers. Although, I must say that I didn’t see my favorite lunch (grilled cheese, tator tots and pickle chips) on their menu.

  3. Sarge says:

    They’re just an awesome company.

  4. Matt says:

    What, you don’t offer that to your employees?
    Yeah, we just started having Paula Deen cook for us. We figure it will be cost effective, cause we’ll all die of heart attacks in less than 9 months of eating her food 3 meals a day.
    Then less payroll, less benefits, it all works out in the end.

  5. I once worked for a technology company that did the same thing. Free meals! Wow! It sounded good on the surface, but the intent was to drive out more productivity (by keeping employees at their desks longer).
    The concept comes with some baggage and can sometimes be symptomatic of aggressive management.
    Regardless, it sure can help the pocketbook if nothing else!

  6. Amy Dusek says:

    Yes, Google is pretty awesome. I saw a Dateline “thing” once on them. They seem to care a lot about their employees, and give a lot back.

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